Five Good Things from the Weekend

As the sky bursts into flower

1. Walking outside in the sunshine enjoying a gorgeous spring day hand-in-hand with B.
2. Visiting the cherry blossoms in McSpadden Park – some of the first flowering trees I’ve seen in our neighbourhood.
3. Walking 5km of the seawall that runs along the perimeter of Stanley Park. So many beautiful things to see, including a hawk, eagles, the ocean, and a heron.
4. Devouring a delicious lunch at Legendary Noodle. I haven’t been there in ages, and already crave another visit just thinking about what we ate.
5. Watching a really good movie (Adjustment Bureau) that reminded me how grateful I am for the things I have.

Light Leaks Magazine Showcase Gallery

Back in April I was approached by the editors of Light Leaks Magazine to do a showcase of my toy camera and polaroid photos. I was thrilled because it’s a toy camera magazine I’ve been reading for the past couple of years, and there’s always interesting work to be seen in it’s pages. The latest issue just went live and you can buy your own copy online.



I’m really happy with the selection of images that have been included in the showcase. Featured here are photos taken with a holga, Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, polaroid, and a P-Sharan pinhole camera.

Polaroid Week 2010

Looking every which way
Looking every which way

Wooden toys
Wooden Toys

Shadow people on the way to dinner
Shadow people on the way to dinner


School bus 11
School bus 11

I’m down to my last pack of expired polaroid. I have three shots left and I really want to make ’em count. Wish me luck in finding three fabulous things to photograph and then it’s bye bye polaroid film.

Polaroid Week November 2009: Red Leaves

Red leaves on tenth

Japanese Maple leaves turn the most vivid red of any tree I’ve seen. They are a favorite site when autumn rolls around and their intense colour seems bright even on the rainiest fall days. These were both taken along my street while I walked to catch the bus to work one morning.

Red leaves on tenth

Shared items, the old fashioned way.


My mom has always been one of those people who clips things out of the newspaper to either keep (like recipes) or share with my sister and me. It’s a habit we find both endearing and irritating because sometimes there are a LOT of clippings awaiting our inspection, and we aren’t necessarily interested in the same things she is. Despite the fact that I now live on the other side of the country my mom still saves and sends large collections of newspaper clippings whenever a package or letter is headed my way.

When I showed the latest bunch to Boris he said they are her, “Google Reader shared items.” I thought this was a pretty accurate (and funny) way to describe them and it also gave me the idea to further share the articles she’d sent me. For your reading pleasure, here are links to a few of the clippings from my mom:

Hershey the Mystery Duck
Warm Fuzzy Tale of a Good Swimaritan
How to Make Room on your cellphone

(It was too tedious to locate online all of the articles she sent, and the Toronto Star archives is apparently very limited.)

The Meaning of Poppies


Little did you realize that each and every flower has a symbolic meaning. I rediscovered this recently via Conscientious and a link to an extensive list of the symbolic meaning of flowers. I recall as a teen that roses had different meanings depending on the colour, and girls always wanted red ones because they represented love, while yellow represented friendship.


I’ve always been more of a tulip loving girl, with a passion for dahlias and for poppies when they’re in season. At the moment the poppies are out in full force and I’ve been celebrating their yearly appearance by taking a million photos.

Pink poppies

And what you might ask, is the symbolic meaning of poppies? Imagination, dreaminess, and eternal sleep.

(Pola) ‘roid Week 2009, Part 2

These are the concluding shots to my week of shooting polaroid. I took eleven shots over the course of the week, using up the last shot in one pack of film and going through a second full pack. I now have four left out the ten my sister Kathryn sent me as a belated birthday present last August.

'roid week 2009: A gathering of tulips
Friday: A Gathering of Tulips

'roid week 2009: Maggie keeps an eye on the neighbourhood
Friday: Maggie Keeps an Eye on the Neighbourhood

'roid week 2009: As the sky bursts into flower
Thursday: As the Sky Burst into Flower

I really enjoyed shooting with the polaroid this week because despite shooting mostly digital lately I’m still a film camera girl at heart.

(Pola) ‘roid Week 2009

I’ve been participating in ‘roid week and this is what I’ve shot so far:

Bicycle wheel and tiny flowers
Wednesday: Bicycle wheel and Tiny Flowers

The Gift of Lilacs
Tuesday: A Gift of Lilacs

Monday: Birdhouse

It’s nice to have a simple little project to work on and shoot for while I’m focusing on the less creative side of my art.

Developing Artist Survival Skills

Sunshine polaroid

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this before on the blog but I recently created an inventory spreadsheet in order to keep track of my ready-for-sale art work. I have a lot of stuff kicking around, most of it left over from the last few shows I’ve put together, and some were created specifically to sell on Etsy. I was surprised by how much stuff I have ready to sell, just sitting around gathering dust and taking up room in my apartment when someone could be buying them. It’s hard to sell things when no one knows they’re there, not even me. Some of the work I’d forgotten about completely until I started the inventory. I won’t forget about them again thanks to my spreadsheet. The next step will be to figure out the what/where/how of making them available for sale.

Where did this brilliant yet simple idea come from you might wonder? From a great book every artist should have called, “Artist Survival Skills: How To Make A Living As A Canadian Visual Artist”, written by Chris Tyrell. Admittedly I haven’t read much of it thus far but I’m off to a great start with the inventory. ๐Ÿ™‚