Good Things

Week 22 - Maggie
Week 22 – Maggie, from my 52 weeks self portrait series.

10 Good Things from the Weekend:
1. Being part of the most personal and special wedding I’ve ever attended. My friends Marc and Jacquie really did things right.
2. Sitting at the Blenz in Horseshoe Bay enjoying a lovely morning while waiting to catch a ferry.
3. Hooking up with an excellent road trip companion.
4. Chatting with people I haven’t seen in ages and happily hearing they are doing well.
5. A glorious sunrise on Sunday morning, followed by a beautiful day.
6. Making it back to the city early on Sunday and doing some of the things I thought I’d be missing out on – like the Ruby Dog garage sale.
7. Buying two plants from the awesome store on Main Street.
8. A long phone conversation with Mandy.
9. A much needed Sunday afternoon nap.
10. Enjoying some quiet time to myself, and feeling recharged after the weekend.