2005 pictoral review…

In honour of New Years day, I’m presenting some of the photographic “Year 2005 in Review” slide shows for your viewing pleasure.

Reuters – 2005 Pictures of the Year.

MSNBC – Editors and Readers Choice.

CBC – Faces of 2005.

CBC – Canada The Year in Photos.

Looking back through my own photos from the past year, I realize it’s difficult to choose just a few that I feel are the “best of” or that sum up the year for me. It’s been a very productive and inspired year artistically, thanks to the photo community at Flickr and to my local group of Flickr friends in Vandigicam. I’ve decided to select some of my favorite photos from a few of the series I worked on this past year:

In 2005 I was inspired to explore self portraiture in a way I never have before, and in the process I think I learned a lot more about photographing other people.

Veiled Listening to her heart Yuuki's perch

I took an endless amount of portraits of the people around me,

Zoe Celia Kate

and generally photographed the heck out of the year….

Let the sun shine Tiny boats

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  1. jmv says:

    Hey Rachael! Good to see someone else mention MSNBC’s photo feature. It’s really quite good, all year long. And I will definately enjoy checking out that Reuters URL too! Thanks for the post! Long live expired film!

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