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Oops Magazine is a local bi-weekly Japanese language paper about life in Vancouver. My friend Noriko Miyamura is a writer for the magazine, and I was recently interviewed by her for an article about my work that’s in the current addition. Some of my photographs have been included, as well as a picture of me taken by Joanna Garfinkel. Please do take a look at their website.

Noriko has very kindly translated her article to English, and I’ve included it here:

Rachael’s photos are mysterious, and each one seems to have its own hidden message. People who become subjects of her portraits find them fascinating because it reveals their true feelings or subtle sexuality. Her subjects are mostly ordinary people, not professional models. They look natural in the photos and there is a feeling about them that each person is willing to open up their heart to her.

Rachael was born in Toronto, Ontario. Her interest in photography first developed when she was in high school. As an artist, she always feels the need to create something every day. Over the last few years she has focused on creating digital art, “I love to play with imagery (in Adobe Photoshop) and have fun with the original photographs. By doing so the photographs are telling their own story.” Rachael moved from Toronto to Vancouver in 2004, and is now working towards establishing herself as a freelance photographer. She is an avid blogger with various photo-related blogs. She enjoys interacting with other artists and shares her ideas, thoughts, and inspirations on her blogs. “To maintain an artistic practise, I feel that you have to do something creative every day. It takes dedication and determination to persue your dream, but it’s important to just do what you want to do and have fun with it!”

She often can be found walking around the city with her camera, trying to capture “the moment” of everyday life. Today, maybe you will bump into Rachael as she takes her photos with passionate eyes.

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