Projected Imagery

In the last four months I’ve attended two plays that have utilized image projection to great affect within their productions. I’m usually not much of a threatre goer so I was pleasantly surprised and fascinated by the use of these special affects. A court scene in “House of Atreus” at UBC back in the fall, included a video projection of a jury that was perfectly timed to interact with the live actors and their movements on stage. More recently, I attended the Electic Company’s production of “Studies in Motion” and was blown away by their extensive use of still imagery projected onto moving screens to enhance the idea of Muybridge’s work in motion studies.

Doll baby

And now to segue into how this relates to me and photography… Last week I took photos to be used as image projections in the production of “Bear”, opening this week on February 2 at UBC. The above doll baby made for a very creepy subject (which I’ve made creepier with a colour treatment), and I’m curious to see how she’ll fit into the rest of the play.

BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME by Terrence McNally, Directed by Camyar Chai
BEAR by Rebecca Beegle, Directed by Joanna Garfinkel
It’s the lonely science of ventriloquism versus the creation of a perfectly safe suit in this love-and-death chronicle of how one married couple finally achieves their dreams, care of Pyramid Lake, Nevada. JimJim’s fullbody suit and Ruthie’s multiple voices create unique barriers to their loving communion. Though the two are at odds, they have together hired the Dream Ranger to emcee an Awards Ceremony, and along the way they are granted a celebrity cameo in the form of a Canadian bear-proof suit-maker.

February 2 – 4, 2006 – 7:30 pm
DOROTHY SOMERSET STUDIOHUT M-18, 6361 University Boulevard
DOUBLE BILL $5 TICKETS: 604.822.2678