Metal Prints

As mentioned previously, I currently have two of my metal prints in the Divine Feminie show at Radha Yoga & Eatery (pictured here.) I thought I’d explain a bit about how I made them.

The prints are made from metal flashing, a material used in roof repairs and can be found at most hardware stores. The image is first printed upon a heat sensitive image transfer paper that is meant for photocopiers, and then transfered upon the metal using a heat press. Each piece of metal is pre-heated for ten seconds and then I had to carefully place and centre the images. The press is set to about 400 degrees, and each was left in for about thirty seconds. The image transfer paper has to be removed immediately, otherwise there is a risk of bits and pieces of the image peeling off as it cools. (Many fingers were burned in the process…)

This type of paper can be transfered onto many different surfaces as long as they’re flat. I’ve experimented with glass, wood and fabric, but I like the look of metal the best.