Christopher and I made a second attempt at double-exposing film with our holgas. It was Chris’ idea to take a different approach than our first attempt, which involved shooting each frame in the same moment. This time he shot the film first in his holga, rerolled it back to the beginning, then gave it to me to shoot in my own camera. I didn’t know what sort of imagery was already on the film when I took my pictures, but I was instructed to take portraits.

I like the mix of plant imagery overlapping the portraits and the way they create variations in lighting and colour that slightly obscure the subjects features. It reminds me of what I do mixing textures with human figures in my photoshop work. I’m happy with the results of this second attempt, and it’s interesting to compare these to our first roll of film based upon the different approach we took. Hopefully we can explore this idea further in future.

One thought on “Camouflage

  1. Laura Grace says:

    I like it too, this idea of collaborating with film rolls is quite fascinating… new to me. The Holga adds an additional layer of interest.

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