Tamed orchid


From Free Will Astrology –

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Most flowers depend on pollinators to reproduce. Birds and insects brush up against a flower’s male parts, picking up pollen that they leave on the female parts of the next flower they visit. But nature has created an anomaly that doesn’t play by these rules. A wild orchid known as *Holcoglossum amesianum* fecundates itself. Its male bits actually move, carrying out a complicated maneuver to reach around and down to deposit pollen directly into its female portions. This orchid is your power symbol, Leo. I hope it encourages you to learn more about self-fertilization–to increase your mastery of the underappreciated art of inspiring and teaching and taking care of yourself. Halloween costume suggestion: a hermaphrodite carrying a wild orchid.

The best part about this horoscope is that I AM currently learning to “increase my mastery of the underappreciated art of inspiring and teaching and taking care” of myself. Sometimes Rob Brezsny is scary.

Five good things from this week:
1) Finding inspiration in the window of a random store on Broadway for a future photo shoot with Christopher. This time I get to be the model and he’ll be the photographer. The new idea made us both laugh very hard.
2) Freshly baked brownies baked and given to me by Jamie. He says that chocolate has healing properties, and after eating most of them today, I now think it’s true.
3) Standing on the Cypress lookout with Hendrik and enjoying the breath-taking view of the Lower Mainland buried in a sea of fog.
4) Coming to a very important realization, with Mandy’s help, that has put my mind more at ease about the resolution of an unhappy situation.
5) A long, but wonderful, conversation with Travis about the state of the world, relationships, and all points in between.