Red leaves
This shot is from a few weeks ago, taken with an Olympus Pen EE half-frame camera and cross-processed slide film.

It has been a really good weekend, despite the almost constant downpour that may soon require us to start buidling an ark. I like listening to the rain outside my window, especially when I am warm and cozy inside.

Five great things from yesterday:
1) An absurdly early breakfast with Jamie at Patisserie Labeau, and a walk in the rain that soaked us despite our umbrellas.
2) Cleaning and organizing someone else’s workspace. (I should do this for myself too…)
3) A quiet afternoon of hanging out at Mandy’s place and working on my laptop while she made food.
4) A long walk with Kirsti after dark to get fresh air and a thorough soaking.
5) The definate pleasure of spending quality time with the above mentioned three people. I am very thankful for their thoughtful and intelligent conversational abilities.

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  1. Mandy says:

    I found the time we spent on Saturday very replenishing. I, in turn, am thankful for your thoughtful and intelligent presence in my life.

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