The view from here

The view from here

You are made whole again in silence.
Solitude shatters the illusion that you
and I are separate.
~ Nana Veary

There is a great difference between loneliness and solitude. In loneliness we feel cut off from other people, from the whole of creation, and from our inner wisdom. With solitude we have the opportunity to reach beneath conventional reality to a deeper truth, that of the interconnectedness of all beings, of all life.

Our education has taught us to actively seek out information. We’re taught that growing and learning is a process of acquisition and expansion. We have not been taught to simply be or to sit still and listen. Silence can feel so frightening we rush to fill it up rather than sitting and listening to it. We all need periods of reflection, time to integrate and absorb. Otherwise we become like a filled glass to which water is still being added. The glass overflows, unable to hold any more.

Let’s begin now to stop and empty our mind of chatter. Sit quietly and observe the breath. Don’t allow thoughts to disturb you. Just watch them come and go. With practice the thoughts will slow down, become further and further apart. Maybe then the still, small voice of the spirit will be heard. It is always present. We must learn to listen.

Taken from, “Open Mind: Women’s Daily Inspiration for Becoming Mindful”

I read this passage shortly before going to work this morning, and immediately thought of posting it here for Neil.

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