My weekend was a mixture of good and bad. It was a very busy and social couple of days, but underneath it all I was feeling quite upset (but not depressed). An unresolved situation was back on my mind after weeks of feeling like I’d moved on, and I realized it was time to deal with it properly in order to find closure. And I did.

(Sorry internet, you don’t get to hear more about it than that, unless we talk in person.)

Ten Great things from the weekend/week…
1) Meeting Chris for dinner and conversation on Friday evening. She is back in Vancouver after a year long absence in the UK.
2) Hanging out at Kai’s place on Saturday morning for our semi-regular creative projects session. I started making origami Christmas decorations for my apartment.
3) Getting Bill and I back to the aquarium to use our memberships almost eight months after we bought them. (When my sister was here!!!)
4) The unexpected gift of beautiful weather on a Sunday that was supposed to be stormy.
5) Walking with Zoe along the seawall and through the Arbutus Corridor on Sunday, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
6) Finally hearing the sultry tones of Stefanie’s voice coming over the line from Germany, after months of trying to coordinate a phone call between us. I wish we could’ve talked for hours.
7) Laughing and crying on the phone with Kathy.
8) Walking along the Main Street strip with Kirsti on Saturday evening, after checking out the Petri Dish one year anniversary event.
9) Deciding to reach out and having my gesture openly and willingly accepted. It was a relief to my overwrought emotional state on Monday.
10) Making the most of the brief bits of sunshine on Sunday by taking pictures with my holga.