Holga Show at the Photomedia Center

Photomedia Center - 2006 Holga Show

Just over a month ago I submit a selection of my photography to an open call for Holga photos at the Photomedia Center. I’d actually figured I had little chance of getting in because there are so many people shooting with holgas these days and the competition was fierce. It means a lot to me to have my efforts pay off and be lucky enough to have one photo included in the final selection of the show. Please check it out, because I think they did a fantastic job of bringing together an excellent selection of work.

Over fifty international artists were selected from an open call for work by the Photomedia Center. Sixty works, all taken with a Holga camera, are represented in this exclusive online exhibit, sponsored in connection with Light Leaks Magazine. In the hands of skilled image-makers, this plastic toy marvel has produced some unexpectedly beautiful results.

A direct link to the show can be found here.

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