Making me cRaZy.

Making me cRaZy

Sometimes self portraiture can be a wonderful way to redirect my negative feelings into creativity, and in the process, help disolve them. I took the above photo last week after a very stressful day where nothing seemed to be going right. It was very therapeutic to make faces at the camera, trying to convey what I’d been going through all day. I had to laugh at myself for getting so worked up. In the end I felt much better AND I created a diptych matching my funny expression with the tiny part that had been a source of much of my frustration.

Travis sent me this and for awhile now I’ve been meaning to post a link to the work of Chema Madoz. He does beautiful set ups of objects in clever and playful ways, all shot in black & white. There is a good selection of his photos on that I’d recommend checking out first.

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