Silhouetted Kirsti


The above photo was taken with a holga, using studio strobes as the light source. The lovely Kirsti Wakelin is the model, and she is one of my favorite people to photograph. The holga I was using doesn’t have a hotshoe because it’s the type with a built in flash, so I was firing the strobes using my light meter as the trigger and set the camera shutter to bulb. Let’s here it for improvisation… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I attended the Earth Day celebrations at Jericho Beach yesterday, and was interested to hear some of the history of the area. Jericho has been at various times the site of a native village, a whaling station, and an army base, and began as an estuary where three rivers met with the ocean. I was also excited to learn of the Jericho Beach stewardship program. They meet once a month to weed out invasive plant species and restore Jericho to it’s “natural” state.

2 thoughts on “Silhouetted Kirsti

  1. Rachael says:

    If the camera had a hotshoe I could’ve connected the strobes there, but since I didn’t I had to improvise.

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