Leaves against sky.

Chinatown tree

This past weekend I was happy to finally achieve my long-standing goal to visit my friend Amy in Portland. She’s been studying there for almost two years, and I hadn’t managed to get the time or money to go see her, until now. I think it all came together when Joanna told me there was a train I could take from Vancouver (actually a bus to Seattle and then the train), and suddenly I could make the trip I wanted. I love traveling by train. It can be a wonderful way to get around and see things one doesn’t normally get access to by car. There’s also more leg room…

I didn’t really have a set plan of things to do and see while in Portland, but I ended up doing a lot anyway. I think the highlights from the weekend have to be our visit to the Japanese Garden, a 4km hike through the Columbia Gorge in heavy rain, shopping in the Hawthorne district, lunch at Pambiche’s, and attending the opening party of Mississippi May, a DIY arts extravaganza in a massive wearhouse.

I really liked Portland and hope to go again later on in the summer.

5 thoughts on “Leaves against sky.

  1. degan says:

    Oooh, I want to hear more about this train! I love Portland and am planning on heading down there this summer, but I also love the train, so that sounds like an excellent idea!

  2. maureen says:

    rachael, your description of your time in portland sounds like something out of Sunset Magazine — “How to Soak up the Portland Rain or Sun — on under $20 a day …” or something like that. ;-D Actually, it sounds like a perfect weekend. What fun. Train is most def the way to get around up and down the west coast. I just wish the train still ran all the way from Seattle to Butte (a mere 45 minutes drive from Helena) like it used to when I first moved out to Montana in 1977. Then, maybe I could entice you to visit here sometime. Or I could come there more easily. Anyhoo …. I’m glad you got to go to all those beautiful places. The Columbia Gorge is awesome! even in heavy rain. Maybe even more in heavy rain. Which you are used to, right?

    btw — the photo that accompanies this blog post. Love at first sight. You are doing amazing things with that camera, girl!

  3. maureen says:

    ooo — forgot to say. portland is where our youngest son, Gabe, lives. He’s on the north side (wherever that is … I haven’t visited yet) on North Commercial avenue or street …. he’s been there for almost a year after university, working as an artist. a painter. Gabe is skuz on flickr. I think you and Gabe would get along royally. (not that i’m doing a matchmaker thing — not me!) [grin]

  4. Rachael says:

    Degan, I would be happy to tell you all about the train to Portland. I will send you an email.

    Maureen, it really was a perfect weekend. And yes, the Columbia Gorge is absolutely wonderful in heavy rain. Your comment about matchmaking made me laugh out loud. I’m sure my landlords heard that one. I will check him out on flickr. ๐Ÿ™‚

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