And now back to regularly scheduled yoga…


One of the gifts I was given for Christmas this past year was a one month unlimited pass to Semperviva yoga studio. I activated the pass in mid-February, purchased another one on-going when it expired and have been attending yoga class almost daily ever since. It was the kind of gift that kept on giving, and the exact kick-in-the-ass I needed to get back into the regular yoga practice I kept thinking about instead of doing. Semperviva is my yoga studio of choice for the excellent roster of teachers, and their great deal for an unlimited monthly pass ($80!). I was a regular visitor there when I first moved to Vancouver three years ago, but stopped attending after six months mostly due to lack of funds. Now I feel like I can’t afford not to go because I feel so much mentally and physically happier with regular yoga.

As part of my commitment to yoga I have decided to participate in Vancouver’s Yogathon on July 21st, at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium. The yogathon requires participants to do as many sun salutation as possible in the 108 minute timeframe. The event is to raise funds for Camp Moomba, a place for children whose lives have been impacted with HIV/AIDS. I have a personal fundraising page setup and hope to donate $200 to the charity. Please sponsor me if you can.

5 thoughts on “And now back to regularly scheduled yoga…

  1. KAW says:

    Good luck with the yogathon – I sponsored you – but you’ve got to promise not to be to sore to accompany me to yoga. I’m going to active that pass and I think I need a little nudging to get me there. Starting tomorrow? or maybe Friday?

  2. degan says:

    yay, that’s awesome! I was going to write something about the yogathon for beyond robson, so tell me how it goes! don’t have my credit card with me at the moment, but i will sponsor you for sure later.

  3. Rachael says:

    Kirsti, I will mention here that you did a very long ride (140 km) recently in Calagary, so there is NO WAY you are lazy.

    Thanks Degan! The yogathon used to be 108 sun salutation instead of 108 mintues of it. It was killer!

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