Carousel horse

Carousel horse

Do you want to know the good thing about rainy days? (Because there has to be an upside to everything.) I get so much more done at home when the weather is crappy for any length of time, because it gets me feeling nesty. I’m on an organizational kick right now because I want my studio/workspace in my apartment to be more inspiring and organized. I see furniture rearranging in my future…

Five great moments from the weekend:
1. Yogathon in the rain.
2. Fresh made organic pizza.
3. Sunday morning breakfast at The Omlettry (I think that’s how you spell it.)
4. Finding bargains at a yard sale.
5. Making silly videos while waiting for our food to come.

One thought on “Carousel horse

  1. Vivienne says:

    I just arrived at your website for the first time and am in such awe of your photography! I’m in vancouver too and really enjoying seeing bits of the city through someone elses eyes (camera!). Hope this finds you well.

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