Meeting other makers

As the crow(s) fly

On Sunday I went to meet up on Main Street with a small group of Vancouver-based etsy makers and sellers. The whole thing was arranged by the lovely Rita Leung, who went to great lengths to let many people know about the meeting using etsy’s very limited contact system. (You can only send emails one at a time, like with flickr mail.) There were ten of us altogether and most people brought along items they’d made to show and share. It was a very inspiring event for me.

Please check out their shops:

And last but not least, there is my own shop full of photo prints of holga shots and heat transfer prints on metal.

4 thoughts on “Meeting other makers

  1. degan says:

    oh nice! when I interviewed Matt at Etsy he was big on hooking up with local artists and told me some ways to do it, but I didn’t ever really look into it. Awesome to see so much local art about!

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