Light painting at Moosecamp

Lighting Painting - Stewart Marshall
Stewart Marshall

My light painting session at Northern Voice was a big success on Friday afternoon. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and hopefully they learned something too. For me it was incredibly fun and inspiring to see such a large group of people creatively collaborating together, and I think we did some really great stuff. And to think I almost decided against doing light painting at all because I felt I didn’t know enough about it. My original intention had been to pull people aside throughout the day to pose for me one at a time, but I think the group session was a much better idea.

The whole thing was inspired by Julian Cash, and the fun shoot we did when I was in San Francisco last October. He’s done this sort of thing at conferences, like foocamp 2007, and I think it makes for much more interesting photos than what you’d typically see resulting from such an event. My purpose for doing it was to come up with creative photos, and I definitely did it. ๐Ÿ˜€

If there are enough people interested, I’d really love to do this again in the near future. I just need to find an appropriate venue that is both large enough and dark enough for long exposures.

Light painting - Sharen Burns
Sharen Burns
Light painting - Arieanna