Week 6 – Doors

Week 6 - Doors
Week 6 of my 52 weeks series of self portraits is from last week, and I have yet to take one for week seven. I’m saving it as a weekend project. The shot had me wondering about the symbolism of doors and so I took a look in the Encyclopedia of Symbols and found this definition:

Doors – Or “portal”, “gate”. Like the BRIDGE, It is a symbol of transition from one place to another, such as from this life to the next, from the profane to the holy. The idea of a gate of heaven or a sun gate marking the transition to otherworldly, divine regions is common. According to the ideas of many peoples, the underworld or realm of the dead lies on the other side of large gates. A closed door often signifies a hidden mystery yet also prohibition and futility; an open door represents a challenge to pass through it or signifies an open secret.