100 Things I Love

Week 33 - Pattern & Colour

This list is inspired by Degan’s, which was in turn inspired by Hula Seventy’s.

1. Spirals
2. Yuuki tail feathers
3. The colour red
4. Hugs
5. Black tea with milk and honey
6. Japanese paper
7. Yoga
8. Candied ginger
9. Lemon verbena soap from Trader Joes
10. Roadtrips
11. Writing letters
12. Stationery
13. Snuggling with B
14. Watching the snow fall
15. Listening to rain outside my window
16. Chocolate chip banana bread
17. Anne’s German apple cake
18. Chips
19. Bowen Island
20. Walking around Kilarney Lake
21. The P-Sharan pinhole camera
22. Sour key candy
23. Grapefruit
24. Bacon
25. German egg pancakes made by Boris
26. Handmade knitted/crocheted things from friends
27. Taking photos (Duh!)
28. Cuddling Maggie
29. Laughing until I cry
30. Soaking in the bathtub
31. Hot chocolate with whipped cream
32. Art supplies
33. Watching birds
34. Crows
35. Afternoon naps when it’s sunny
36. Crunching through fallen leaves on the sidewalk
37. Dancing
38. Singing
39. Making and sharing food with friends
40. Textiles from India
41. Strawberry rhubarb pie
42. Reading comics
43. Forest walks
44. Postcards in the mail
45. Packages from my family
46. Feeling inspired
47. Talking about art and creativity
48. Contax cameras
49. Toy cameras
50. Blank notebooks.
51. Cilantro
52. Scarves
53. Arm/wrist warmers
54. Lemon tarts
55. Laughing at farts
56. Picnics at the beach
57. Community gardens
58. Looking for Graffiti in back alleys
59. Snow covered North Shore mountains revealed after days of cloud
60. Walking along the water between Kits beach and Jericho
61. Riding my bike with a large group of people
62. Mango ginger stilton cheese
63. Fireweed honey
64. Teapots
65. Poofy duvets
66. Used bookstores
67. Knee socks
68. Weekend brunch
69. Taking art workshops
70. Fish shaped waffles filled with red bean paste
71. Photobooth pictures
72. Art night
73. The silver bird ring from my sister
74. Hand thrown pottery mugs
75. Yuuki chattering quietly to himself
76. Chasing Bogey
77. Artist studio tours
78. Buttons
79. Expired slide film
80. The sweet text messages from B I have kept on my phone for months
81. Writing lists
82. Flip flops in summer
83. Warm slippers in winter
84. Watching herons fishing at dusk
85. Looking through a fresh batch of photo prints
86. Letter press drawers as nik nak shelves
87. Tiny things
88. Poppies
89. The farmers market
90. Dahlias
91. Experimenting
92. Feathers
93. Smooching
95. Drift glass
96. Japanese maples
97. Cherry blossoms in spring
98. Watching eagles soar
99. Letting silence be
100. Patterned and colourful clothing

(It’s harder than you think to write one hundred things you love.)

4 thoughts on “100 Things I Love

  1. Kathryn says:

    This was great. I was reading it and laughing. . and then I got to the laughing at farts. That’s totally killed me. Bogey was passes out on the sofa . . and he got up and went to bed because I was ‘disturbing’ him. (the worlds biggest farty bum)

  2. Kathryn says:

    one of these days I’ll learn to proof read my comments before I post them.

    He was passed out & snoring on the sofa when I burst out laughing. The dirty look, then the stomp up the stairs . . .too much. sniff, still laughing.

  3. Rachael says:

    I think Maggie could surpass Bogey in the killer fart department. She is small but filled with deadly gases.

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