Snow walker

There was something magical about yesterday’s snowy weather. I felt like a kid again as I walked up my street to catch a bus to work. I was warm, cozy, and happy all bundled up in my many layers and I wasn’t bothered at all about having to slog through the wet snow. It reminded me of winters in Ontario, of those days when the snow is thick on the ground but the texture is dry and fluffy, the sky is clear and the temperature is surprisingly warm. I walked outside a lot yesterday, part of the way to work and all the way home later in the evening. There were a lot of other people doing the same but maybe not for the pleasure of it like I was.

Good Things from Yesterday:
– Getting fresh air and exercise
– Helping put together an excellent Christmas luncheon for Hop Studios
– Goofing around outside helping to clean off Travis and Susie’s car
– Feeling over-sugared from eating Susie’s excellent homemade caramel (it’s so good, yet so bad for you.)

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