Art Night

Weekly Moleskin Collage - January 28, 2009

For the last couple of years I’ve been organizing an evening to provide friends with the opportunity to work on creative projects. I started doing it because I kept hearing so many people express a wish for more time to [insert neglected project here] and felt this way myself. I think this is because the things we most often want to do tend to go by the wayside when life is busy. The idea for the event evolved out of the concept of a stitch n’ bitch and has become known as “Art Night”. It happens about every two to six weeks depending on schedules and interest. The projects people bring to work on range from things like knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, collaging, and more recently, cooking and baking. Food is always a big part of the evening, and so is conversation.

We’ve recently begun to work on group projects on these evenings, which is something I’ve had in mind for ages. A few weeks ago James and Monique hosted the evening and came up with the idea of creating a mixed tape of songs based around the theme of a “great silence”. Each person brought a song and all were played throughout the evening. At the same time Kirsti and Darren brought along a box of old plastic letters and a digital camera set up for everyone to take turns shooting stills for a stop motion film. It made for a fun evening and I really loved how both projects had everyone’s creative juices flowing.

Weekly moleskin collage - March 11, 2009

For our most recent Art Night I asked everyone to bring twenty photos taken while traveling. Each person took a turn showing their photos and telling the story behind each one. It was an idea inspired by something Boris wanted to do and I thought it needed to happen. It was lovely to see the photos, hear the stories, and contrast and compare what each person chose to share about their travel experiences.

I’m sharing all of this because maybe it will inspire other people to have an Art Night of their own, and get even more people breaking out neglected hobbies and projects. There can never be enough creativity going on in the world, and the same goes for sources of inspiration and collaboration. Just make sure you have good food.