Altered book – You’re only prey if the predator sees you

Altered book - You're only prey if the predator sees you

This is my second altered book, which I worked on in stages over the course of five days. It’s the gluing that takes the longest because I usually need to leave it to dry and set before I can move on to the next phase. I love making these because they require careful planning a few steps ahead, like putting the hanger on the back of the book before it’s even started, or knowing how many pages to leave unglued for rolling.

I decided to use the page rolling technique again even though there are about a zillion different ways to alter a book. The type and age of the paper makes all the difference in workability. This book’s pages were heavy and brittle which made it tricky to roll without ripping the corners.

The only thing I had in mind when I started was to cut into the rolled pages somehow and have the bits sticking up. The piece came together when I decided to use the wooden tiger and create a scene around him, with the cut pages as grass. The rabbit was added as an afterthought at the bottom because I felt it needed something to create more of a narrative and balance out the composition. I googled what do tigers eat? first to make sure tigers have rabbits (hares) as prey in their natural environment, and they do.

The tiger and rabbit came from a bag of wooden animals I picked up at a garage sale last year. I’ve been saving them for just the right thing. The collage also includes metal stars, Japanese paper, rubber stamping, ink, and metallic paper flowers.