Altered Book: The Human Heart is a Fragile Thing

Altered book: The human heart is a fragile thing

My goal for the weekend was to work on another altered book which I happily managed to do. This time I wanted to try a new technique so instead of rolling pages I cut a niche into the book. In order to do this I first had to select something to insert into the niche to determine the size, shape and depth of the cut. I went with the brass bee wings which at one time was part of a doorknocker. I found it a few years ago behind the fridge (of all places) in my last apartment. The rest of the composition for this piece came together after the niche was cut and I spent a long time going through my collection figuring out what would work. I included another found object, the rusted metal wire, which is something I picked up on a walk and have been holding onto. I can see I’m going to be on the look out for more such things to use in future work.

This collage includes a glass heart, two lock mechanisms, a broken earring, a rusted metal wire, part of a brass doorknocker, rubber stamping and ink, sewing pattern paper and acetate (?) butterflies.

4 thoughts on “Altered Book: The Human Heart is a Fragile Thing

  1. Lynda Roberts says:

    Hi Rachael1 Well you’re putting me to shame, I’ve not even completed the first chapter of my altered book, lol! I’ve been at it for years now (I’m not kidding). It doesn’t help when it keeps disappearing….. I’ve also linked each page to an artist so that takes time. Love ‘the human heart is a fragile thing’ by the way! The brass wings are beautiful! Have you ‘aged’ them or is it a natural verdigris? I like the way it seems to be breaking free of the ‘frame’, unrestrictive! Just like a heart should be, if you follow it!
    Kind Regards

  2. Rachael says:

    Lynda, your altered book sounds intriguing. I guessing it may be digital.

    The brass wings were already aged when I found them. I’m not really sure how long they were tucked behind the fridge, but it was long enough to get them nice and dirty.

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