Vancouver Art: The Sultry World and The Red Thread

I have two shows for you featuring the colour red. One is past and the other is upcoming.

Norico Sunayama | A Sultry World

Centre A Gallery was hosting Norico Sunayama’s live installation of A Sultry World for only two days last week, so I made sure I got myself down there to see it. The idea is relatively simple, a live model is seated high on a chair wearing a giant red dress that covers the floor of the gallery. Audience members are invited to crawl under the skirt and make their way to a sitting area directly under the model. It’s a very intimate experience and it reminded me of the blanket forts kids like to make. From the outside the installation is stunning with the red fabric covering the floor, and the way the dress transforms into different shapes when people crawl underneath. I’m very glad I went to see this because I found it a very inspiring piece.

I love Soizick Meister’s paintings. They are everything I aspire my photographs to be; imaginative and real with the twist of the magical. Her work has had an influence on some of the photos (here & here) I took during the 52 weeks series. I saw her last show at Jacana Gallery in August 2008, and now she is having another show there, opening this Saturday and on-going until November 22. It’s called The Red Thread, and the imagery is based upon an old Chinese proverb about an invisible thread that connects those that are destined to meet. I am loving what I can see in the online gallery and can’t wait to see this work in person.

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