Good Things from 2009

It’s easy to focus on the negative and decide a whole year was bad, and this seems to be the general attitude about poor old 2009. It was a year that was on the rough side, but it was also one that had many wonderful things. Boris and I felt it was one of those in-between times that builds a foundation for other years.

I decided to do a list of good things and see how many items I could come up with. Here goes in no particular order, good things from 2009:

1. Discovering the art of altering old books and taking a huge step forward with my collage work.

Altered book collage - Change the way you tell the story

2. Concluding the 52 weeks self portrait series that I started in 2008.

Week 48 - Floating away

3. Moving out of my cold and dark apartment in Kits and moving in with Boris.
4. Bringing a regular yoga practice back into my life thanks to the forty day yoga challenge.
5. Going on walks with Anne on Bowen, and getting to see new trails I hadn’t walked before.

Forest walk

6. Canoeing and a picnic in Widgeon Creek.

On the water.

7. Going to Jericho park and throwing the frisbee around with Boris.
8. Working on a portrait series inspired by my self portraits.

The power of flowers

9. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean for the first time ever.
10. Writing regularly in my paper-based journal.
11. Learning how to make mozzarella cheese.
12. Attending Artfest in Port Townsend.

Artfest 2009 - Portable Shadowbox Shrine

11. Eating Dungeness Crab caught by James.
12. Riding Anne’s scooter around the North Shore with Boris on my birthday.

Such a lovely day

13. Visiting the Bug Museum in Victoria.
14. Snowshoeing on Cypress with the Mann Family.

View from Cypress Lookout

15. Cycling around the city to see the cherry blossoms.

Pink Blossoms

16. Rescuing a baby crow from the streets of Gastown and putting it into Kirsti’s care.


17. A surprise visit from my friend Tonia.
18. Heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market.

Heirloom tomatoes

19. A July weekend on Saltspring Island with friends.

Saltspring Island Weekend

20. Hanging out with Kathy in Vancouver, and sharing Bowen Island with her at last.
21. Turning some of my collages into postcards.

Postcard set

22. Acquiring two cute little goldfish.

Little fish, little fish swimming in the water

23. The return of Ruby Dog’s Arthouse in a new location.
24. Spending quality time with Kai during her brief visit to Vancouver.
25. Eating many delicious meals made with delicious deliciousness.

(I started this thinking I wouldn’t be able to come up with much, and I’ve surprised myself by realizing I can think of more.)

One thought on “Good Things from 2009

  1. Kathryn says:

    I’ve had to remind myself a few times of all the good things that happened in the past year as well. #20 would be the biggest highlight.

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