Finding & Collecting Inspiration

bulletin board

I’m always on the look out for inspiration to keep my creativity fueled and fired up. I collect things like postcards, art show flyers, clippings from magazines, cards people have given me, photos and other bits of ephemera. As shown in the above photo I keep some of the things on display pinned to the bulletin board facing my desk. I love having something interesting to look at while I work on the computer.

These days the internet has become my main source of inspiration. It’s the quickest and easiest way to do research for my work or randomly come across the work of other talented artists through Twitter, Flickr, or blogs. Thanks to Boris’ introduction to Posterous I’ve started gathering together all the bits and pieces I find on the internet that inspire me instead of leaving them forgotten in google reader or filed away in email. Take a look at my posterous page to see what I’ve collected so far.

Some of the artists featured on my bulletin board:
A print by Theo Ellesworth
Two invites for shows by Soizick Meister
A flyer for Cecilia Z. Miguez
Postcards by Anahata Katkin

Please leave me a comment if there is an artist or blog you find inspiring.

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