Dreams Soar on the Wings of Imagination

Dreams soar on the wings of imagination

I love my portrait series, but oh does it ever take a lot of energy to come up with ideas and then wrangle people to do the shoots. I’ve been wavering on continuing with this project at all, but then I keep producing work I really like because of it.

This portrait features the lovely Shelly Roche. She came over to pose and did an admirable job of holding onto the strings I’d pinned to the wall and pretending there were birds attached to the other end. Originally I had planned to use Yuuki as the flying bird subject but I nixed that idea knowing how tricky he is to photograph when still, nevermind trying to photograph him while flying. I settled on the pigeon population of Granville Island for my birds and pulled this together from about five different shots. The results of hours of hard work are pretty magical.

3 thoughts on “Dreams Soar on the Wings of Imagination

  1. Roxanne says:

    Birds. I love them. And … yes, they’re terribly unco-operative when it comes to fotografing them. Love, love, love this shot.


  2. Rachael says:

    Thank you both for your comments. I’m hoping to have this printed on canvas eventually, which will look fabulous.

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