10 Good Things From The Weekend

Flowers blooming in the windows

1. Finding the energy (somewhere) to make it to both events I wanted to go to on Friday.
2. Sitting around in someone else’s studio and working on art together with other artists. This thrilled me to no end.
3. Drinks with friends and a most delicious lemon trifle dessert.
4. Cleaning our apartment. No really, I actually enjoy doing this.
5. Wandering through the Refrew Ravine at dusk to view all the paper lantern displays for the Moon Festival.
6. Slowing down, breathing deep, and going outside to lie around in the sun for half an hour.
7. Having many Sunday visitors drop by our apartment unplanned.
8. Getting a really good deal at Word On The Street on a book I’ve had my eye on.
9. Taking time for myself at home in a way I hardly ever do anymore.
10. Meeting new people and feeling more connected to the arts community.

What are the good things from your weekend?