2011 has unexpectedly found me with an iPhone in hand. I’d been looking at lower-end point and shoot cameras so that I could once again have something on me at all times, but it ended up making more sense to get an all-in-one device. The deal was sealed once I found out I could get the iPhone for almost half price using my Fido dollars.

Walking along Robson Street with Boris.
Boris in the sun along Robson Street.

Folded pages
Folded book pages to prep for a workshop.

My friend Nicole gave me this wooden bird.
The wooden bird Nicole gave me yesterday.

These were all taken using an app called Instagram. I’m using it as a visual diary and so far it has me motivated to take photos more often. If you use the app please come and find me. I’d love to share the experience with more artists.

3 thoughts on “iPhoneography

  1. Amanda says:

    My phone is up in March and I have a dislike for my point and click camera, so I have been trying to decide if i should invest in something like this. I look forward to seeing more pics from you and hearing your feedback about it.

  2. Kathryn says:

    There’s also an app called Histamatic which has a few different filters – sounds like they are similar.

  3. Rachael says:

    Hi Amanda, I’m not sure the iphone is as good as a stand alone camera but I’m happy with it so far because I always have it with me. I’ve also started taking photos more often because of it.

    Kathy, Hipstamatic isn’t the same as Instagram. I have both and really regret spending the $1.99 on Hipstamatic.

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