Collage: The Butterfly Chase

I really wish I had more than just two of these circle cut pieces of wood because they were terrific to work with and now I’ve used both. The first collage featured airships and this one has butterflies. It’s a theme of flying things.

butterfly and sewing paper

I continued using the same materials in this one because I’ve been enjoying figuring out different ways to mix the book page scraps and security envelopes. This time I cut the paper into leaf shapes and placed them around part of the circle in a messy swirl as if they’re blowing in the wind.

butterfly and sewing paper-2

I found this particular type of thread difficult to glue down because it kept sticking to the brush of gel medium instead of the paper. I decided to use it in the composition as a flight path for the butterflies to follow.

butterfly and sewing paper-3

Materials used: wood, sewing pattern paper, acetate butterflies, cotton thread, book page scraps, security envelopes, and gel medium.

As always this collage is listed for sale in both my Etsy and Cargoh shops.