How Much Is That Artist In The Window…?

I really enjoyed spending part of Saturday working in the window at Bird on a Wire Creations yesterday. I brought along a few additional finished altered books to share with people and worked away at folding the pages of a German Readers Digest to show people what I do. It was really nice chatting with people, and I made sure to entice window shoppers into the store with eye-contact and smiles to come talk with me.

Artist Window
Artist Window-2

Friends dropped by at different intervals to visit, and the chocolate I’d jokingly requested in my newsletter arrived in various forms (bacon chocolate chip cookies from Lauren!) It was a good window for Main Street people watching, and all the sunshine was glorious.

Artist Window-3
My table top setup at the store with work-in-progress book.
Artist Window-4

I’ll be back in the window at Bird on a Wire Creations at some point in the summer. In the meantime go visit the shop for all the lovely handmade items they carry. It was all I could do not to shop while I was there because there is so much tempting stuff I’d love to have.