Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Working on the Fairy Tale series has unexpectedly led me to making paper cut work. It’s become more of a focus (or rather obsession) since I made the wolf for the Little Red Riding Hood book. The books I’ve been working on for the last two weeks are the Three Little Pigs with each pig in their own house-shaped book. I wanted to make a Big Bad Wolf to go with them and envisioned this as a large paper cut to flow around the books.

This is what I came up with and I love it.

The Big Bad Wolf

I foolishly cut it from paper that was too flimsy and it curled in a very unhelpful way. I had to back the whole thing with a thicker paper and then recut the shape. I decided to paint the whole thing to make it more dramatic, using black and white acrylic paint. I’m relieved that part went so well because painting, like drawing, is not my strongest artistic skill.