Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Was Awesome

The title says it all. I really enjoyed exhibiting my work at Maker Faire this past weekend. I talked to so many people the first day I thought I was going to loose my voice. Sunday was a bit calmer, but just as busy as the day went on.

I had many great conversations with people about books, and was glad to hear “book people” such as librarians love my work. It was a pleasure to hear people stop by and tell me they found my work beautiful. I’m glad what I do inspires people.

This is the set up of my booth at Maker Faire. I’m so glad I had the space to include my paper tree. It hasn’t gotten out much since I made it last November.

Maker Faire booth

Maker Faire booth-2

Maker Faire booth-3

Congratulations to the organizers of Maker Faire for such a successful event. They did a terrific job of bringing everything together and having the whole experience run smoothly.

Many thank yous to the friends who stopped by to visit and give me a short break, especially to Kai and Boris for helping with the booth set up and tear down.

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