A Tree Made of String

Along with the two different series of altered books I’m working on for the Eastside Culture Crawl, last week I began working on an installation in the Foodtree offices. I work there part time and as we’ve just moved into our own office space in Chinatown I’ve been planning ways to make it a visually interesting environment in which to work.

A tree made from string

The Foodtree office is nicknamed “the treehouse” so of course I wanted to make a tree. I’d been thinking about making more trees from cardboard, but then came across this tutorial about how to make a tree wall mural from yarn and pushpins.

I bought my supplies of sock yarn from Dressew and pushpins from Yoko Yaya and dove right into making the tree. I’m doing it without having first drawing an outline. It feels like I’m drawing it with the yarn as I go along. It’s been amazing and fascinating to see the tree slowly take shape in the corner of the room.

A tree made from string-4
A tree made from string-3

Once the tree is completed I’m hoping to attach red leaves to the string branches, and then voilà(!) the Treehouse will have a tree.

A tree made from string-2

I’ll share more photos once the tree is complete. I’m considering making one of these at home in our livingroom…

2 thoughts on “A Tree Made of String

  1. Anne says:

    I like this project and how it is coming together. It has real depth to it. Are you considering making the red leaves out of string as well?

    • Rachael says:

      The leaves are fake ones I picked up at Michaels. I was going to make them out of paper, but then I realized that would be a crazy amount of work.

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