Inspiration For The Home

I’ve been dying to replace the very tacky chandelier that hangs over our dining room table. It’s a brass and glass monstrosity that dates from the seventies, and is a bit of an eye-sore. Because we’re renting I’ve been hesitant to spend money to replace it, so I started looking for ways to make something to replace it.

Here are a few ideas that I’ve found so far:

Zipper8Lighting on Etsy

nellianna on Etsy

TetraBox Light by Ed Chew

This last one comes with a step-by-step how-to, and is made from reclaimed TetraBox packages. I really like the idea of making a new chandelier from recycled materials.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration For The Home

  1. Rachael says:

    Thanks Opa. I was going to ask you to help me figure out the electrical part of the project once I had a design figured out.

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