Work-In-Progress Paper Cut

Last week I mentioned beginning work on larger paper cut work, and this is the second of the two. The paper size is approximately 19″ x 24″ and is a thinner stock than the grey paper I was working with last week to create the flower shaped paper cut.

I’m enjoying working with the basic crescent shape and having the design flow around the page. Sometimes they become tornados, then seashells, and morph into imaginary microscopic organisms.

When I’d cut away about a quarter of the paper I came close to calling it quits because it seemed like an impossible amount of surface area to work with. I was overwhelmed because I don’t normally work this large. I’ve managed to push past that phase and will obsessively cut away paper until I reach the end.

2 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Paper Cut

  1. Rachael says:

    Thanks Jamie. It’s what has kept me pushing through to the end. That and because I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to paper cutting.

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