Intimate Studio Visit with Evan Broens

On Sunday I attended the latest in the Eastside Culture Crawl’s monthly series of intimate studio visits. The featured artist was Evan Broens, who works out of Railtown Studios.

While Evan’s work isn’t normally the style of art that grabs me, his talk about process and materials drew me in and convinced me to like his work. His opening line of being focused on shape and form is what did it because this is exactly what I am currently obsessed with in the paper cut work I’ve been doing.

Evan Boens studio visit

Evan Boens studio visit-2

Evan Boens studio visit-5

These bottom two photos were taken on the side of the studio that belongs to Evan’s studio mate. I was curious about the dried lizards and what he intended to do with them. Sadly, he wasn’t around to ask. I know exactly where you can buy these in Chinatown but I’d never seen anyone purchase them.

Evan Boens studio visit-3

Evan Boens studio visit-4

It’s always a treat to get to poke around in an artist studio, and to hear them speak about their work. Next up in the series is an Intimate Studio visit with painter, Nicola Tibbetts. Registration is available through the Eastside Culture Crawl website.