Exploring Shape and Form

For the past few weeks I have been slowly working on a proposal for an artist residency happening later this year. I began writing it over a month ago but realized there was so much preliminary exploration and thinking I needed to do before I could really write the thing. So I backtracked a bit, sifted through my ideas and thoughts, and figured out what I wanted to do. Yesterday I sat down again to make a proper attempt at writing and this morning was able to send off a first draft to a team of editor friends for review and feedback.

The paper cut designs I’ve been focused on lately is part of the work I am hoping to explore further with this residency. I just hope I’m articulate enough in my proposal to make it interesting.

These four designs were created over the course of the past week. I’m using black card stock, and backing these with brightly coloured paper. Each iteration begins with the same basic crescent shape to create a larger organic form, and is done through freehand cutting of the paper.

Paper cut-2

Paper cut-4

Paper cut

Paper cut-3

I’m excited to see the group of these together. I know I can keep working in the same way to create infinite variations of these organic designs. They are enjoyable to make because there is an aspect of meditation to the repetition of cutting, and looking at the finished form gives me the same feeling I get when working on them.