Bowen Island Getaway

Boris and I have been lucky because for the past two weekends we’ve managed to get away from the city. We did a last minute trip to Galiano Island the previous weekend, and stayed on Bowen Island over the long weekend. I really needed the change of scene because it has energized me.

The view from Katherine's place

Tiny sailboat

Arbutus tree at the edge of the ocean

The Bowen trip was fun because we invited a pile of friends to stay with us, which led to much good food and plenty of laughter. The star of the weekend was Bosco the dog (pictured below) because he charmed and entertained everyone.

Bosco is sleepy

The Enchanted Forest

We had a few good days of almost summer weather, and then the rain came. I don’t think anyone really minded, because it was a good excuse to stay inside, read a book, play games, and cook.

The chalkboard at Artisan Eats, Bowen Island

Here’s to a promising summer full of excellent weekend adventures with friends.