A Murder of Paper Crows

Last week I began working on an installation I’ll be presenting at Illuminares in July. I was pleased when my proposal was accepted because I love the lantern festival, and it’s a big step to move from an observer to a participating artist.

Paper crows

As you can see by my work-in-progress photos, the theme I’m focusing on is the crow. I’ve created a flock of fifty birds so far, each one individually cut from tyvek using four different card stock templates as guides.


I chose to work with white paper because it will illuminate better than black, but I was also inspired by the rare albino crows. Imagine a whole flock of those and you get the idea.



I still have a lot more work to do on this project, including making twenty to fifty more crows. I’m really enjoying the process of bringing this idea to life and how it’s evolved from my initial idea.

Save the evening of July 21st in your calendar if you’d like to see this installation in person.

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