Ten Good Things From the Weekend

I used to write blog posts rounding up ten good things from the past week or weekend, but I somehow lost the habit of it. Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for, so I thought I’d share ten good things from the weekend.

1. Having a long conversation with my sister and Bogey over Facetime.

2. Catching up with my friend Hendrik on Friday evening and having a delicious meal together at Sardine Can on Water Street. It was SO GOOD!

3. Enjoying a much needed day off on Friday. I spent most of it wandering the city, enjoying the sunshine.

4. Shopping at the Trout Lake Farmers market on Saturday morning and running into friends.

5. Meeting Mark and Andrea’s new puppy Pepper. He’s a cutie.

6. Walking most of the Stanley Park seawall on Sunday morning with Boris, and enjoying the fresh ocean breezes.


7. Enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal hosted at James and Monique’s place. I contributed a rhubarb meringue cake to the meal.


8. Spending a quiet Saturday evening at home, and starting to make a paper-based Halloween costume for Boris.


9. Making Trinidad-style roti for the second time, and having it turn out brilliantly.

10. Enjoying a full weekend that was all about sharing good food with great friends.