Cut Paper Sketches

It’s that time of year again, not the Christmas season, but the coming of the closing of the year. A time when I always seem to run out of steam for coming up with content for my blog. But I have monthly goals around how many posts to write and it’s a good thing too because it forces me to meet them.

When it comes to art it is VERY important to work at something even when you don’t feel inspired, because there is no better way to find that inspiration. I’ve done some of my best and most surprising work under these circumstances. I think this also applies to blogging.



The visual portion of this entry is of two paper cut designs I created while sitting in the window at Bird on a Wire Creations a few weekends back. I was between projects and was uncertain about what I wanted to work on next. I brought small sheets of coloured paper with me and decided to cut in whatever way came to mind. I was not feeling inspired or compelled in any way to create and yet I came away with two lovely small sketches.

Inspiration doesn’t always doesn’t always appear on command, but she’ll show up if you will.