Scenic Views From Bowen Island

Boris and I spent a few days on Bowen Island over the weekend to visit with his family. We go there about every six weeks and each time I take pretty much the same photos. I don’t really care because the particular scenes that attract me always look beautiful and new.

A favourite spot on Bowen Island

On Sunday we took advantage of having a car and drove to the farther side of the island we can’t easily get to normally, and visited Cape Roger Curtis.

Little sailboat on the great big ocean

Trees against sky

It’s sad to visit this once untouched place, now in the process of transforming into another sorry subdivision since the land was sold to developers a few years ago. It used to take an hour and a half to walk into some of the spots we can now drive along a paved road to reach.

Lone Arbutus Tree

Half clouds, and half blue sky

It was a beautiful day as we clambered along the rocky shore with a small enthusiastic puppy in tow. We sat on mossy rocks overlooking the ocean and basked in the sun for awhile until we got hungry, and could almost ignore the transformed wilderness behind us.