Oh Look! A Spiffy New Online Portfolio

This is a really big deal to me but I seem to have forgotten to mention it anywhere, and its been live for weeks. I have a brand new online portfolio for the first time evah! The many different types of work I create, from portraits to paper, are all nicely organized and looking quite impressive together as a whole.


While this blog remains in wordpress the portfolio is built with Behance ProSite. I was really tired of my work looking bad in the half-assed galleries I’ve had on the blog for years, and really wanted something more professional looking.

I chose Behance because I use their free site to share my work with a larger creative community and the ProSite pulls my projects in from there. I like this aspect of having my work in multiple places at once. The interface is relatively easy to use and the templates are straightforward and simple enough to cleanly show off my work. Check it out as Behance ProSite is free to use until you choose to publish your site.

For your viewing pleasure, find this visual treasure trove of my work at portfolio.rachaelashe.com. Peruse at your leisure, and share it both freely and widely.