Paper Cut Work: Wind & Water Series

I’ve been holding back on sharing a collection of recent paper cut work because until yesterday, I just hadn’t gotten around to photographing it all properly. I find it tricky to photograph the paper cut work, to capture the layers and textures, and make it readable to the viewers eye.

The two pieces included in this post are part of a series of four. I’ve decided to title them Wind & Water because their patterns remind me of both the ripples and eddies of water, and the billows of smoke and clouds.

Wind & Water-3
Wind & Water series (1 of 4) 12″ x 12″

Wind & Water-2

Wind & Water

Each piece is cut from a single sheet of white paper and mounted within a wood cradle panel. I’ve shared the work below in a previous post but wanted to place it in the context of the rest of the series.

Wind & Water-4
Wind & Water series (2 of 4) 12″ x 12″

Wind & Water-5

Wind & Water-6

I’ll share the other two from the series in a separate post. This work will be on display in my upcoming exhibition, Currents of Nature, opening this weekend at the Ranger Station Gallery in Harrison Hot Springs.