Circles and Animals: Paper Cut Snail

I finished the snail paper cut artwork just before I went on vacation last week but I didn’t have enough time to share it. I am very pleased with this one. It has turned out so beautifully, and I adore the delicate little snail.

Circles and Animals- Snail Paper Cut

I have an affection for snails, and have become fascinated with them over the last few years. There are a few different snails that often hang out on the outside of the front window of our apartment because they’re attracted to the fallen seeds from the bird feeder. Not everyone thinks snails are cute, but I do. (Oh those expressive little eyestalks…)

Circles and Animals- Snail Paper Cut-3

There are three layers of circle cut paper within the wood cradle panel, and the finished size is 12″ x 9″. The snail itself is about three inches long.

Circles and Animals- Snail Paper Cut-2

Circles and Animals- Snail Paper Cut

I will be making more of these with snails eventually, but for now I’ve started working on other animals. I’ll share the completed owl paper cut later this week, and there is also a crow now in-progress.