One Self Portrait a Month: Living In Colour

Last week I came across this colourful couch abandoned along a side street in my neighbourhood. Someone went to a lot of trouble to cover the entire thing with a range of neon colours – orange, green, pink, and yellow, with a bit of accented silver duct tape.

It’s pretty spectacular and special, so I decided to return another day and use it in my monthly self portrait.

Living In Colour

September self portrait

I had Boris’ assistance on this one because I wanted to do a jumping shot near the couch. My original idea was for me to be jumping off the couch but the tree branches above it got in the way. I’ve never tried a jumping shot before, and what I discovered is they are actually pretty challenging to do.

I hope the neon couch manages to stick around for awhile. It brings a smile to the faces of every person who passes it by.