Paper Cut Work: Pinwheel

I was thinking about a pinwheel when I started this piece and though it ended up not becoming much like an actual pinwheel I am keeping it as the name. When I work on these I often can’t tell how the larger form is going to work until most of the paper cutting is done.

paper cut-6

paper cut-7

The work is a 14″ x 17″ paper cut mounted onto 16″ x 20″ Canson Mi-teintes grey paper. I added the blue circle because as I was framing this I felt it needed a contrasting shape and colour to make the design stronger.

paper cut-8

paper cut-5

This is part of the same series of work I created for my show at Kafka, but it will be on display at my studio location during the Eastside Culture Crawl, November 20th to 23rd.